The watercress plant is regarded as a Superfood. In additional to being universally recognized as one of the healthiest food sources on the planet, it’s easy to grow, widely available, and provides an efficient and sustainable source of nutrition.

We feel like we have a bit in common with the watercress plant. We have purposely focused our efforts on providing consumers with affordable financing home improvement projects that improve their home’s energy efficiency which is great for the environment and their wallet!

As for our culture, we are equally focused on a well-balanced workplace. Here’s what you’ll find at Watercress:

Work: Enjoyment of what you do, who you do it with, and hardworking team members focused on mutual success.

Home: A sustainable work / life balance.

Community: A supportive team committed to reinvesting in their communities.

Self: Great benefits that encourage investments into self-health, whether that be physical, emotional, or mental.